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Case Studies in Commercial Property Tax Savings

Case Study 1: Leading Retail Chain Gains $400,000+ Annual Savings with SF Tax Appeal

A prominent retail chain engaged SF Tax Appeal to scrutinize their California locations for over-assessment and to secure successful tax appeals. The company executives applauded our diligence, innovation, and resourcefulness, which significantly contributed to their goals. By outsourcing tax appeal services, the company saved both time and money. Prioritizing appeals led to an 80% reduction in time spent.

Case Study 2: Major Department Store Chain Reaps $6,000,000 in Property Tax Refunds

SF Tax Appeal was hired by a notable department store chain to tackle a backlog of assessment appeals, yielding $6,000,000 in property tax refunds. Merely days after engagement, SF Tax Appeal presented a valuation and secured a reduction on the company's first appeal. The decision to outsource tax appeal operations provided the company with financial savings, time efficiencies, and relief. The company executives were impressed with SF Tax Appeal's success in winning appeals that their internal team previously failed to secure.

Case Study 3: Global Business Headquartered in California Saves $500,000+

A globally-operating business, with its headquarters based in California, collaborated with SF Tax Appeal to secure more than $500,000 in property tax savings. The company's real estate portfolio comprises a campus, office buildings, and vacant land.

Case Study 4: Hotel Owner Saves $500,000+ by Resolving a Base Year Appeal

During the Great Recession, a hotelier purchased a property for around $17M. The Assessor’s office, however, assessed the property at double the purchase price, severely hampering the hotel's cash flow and profitability. SF Tax Appeal was enlisted as the agent and successfully negotiated tax refunds amounting to approximately $575,000 for the hotelier.

Case Study 5: Real Estate Developer Secures $250,000+ in Refunds

A real estate developer engaged SF Tax Appeal to review their portfolio, leading to assessment reductions for 17 properties and over $250,000 in refunds. The portfolio comprised various commercial properties and vacant land. Through diligent property tours, valuation preparations, and successful negotiations, SF Tax Appeal was able to win appeals, yielding substantial refunds for the developer.