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About Us - SF Tax Appeal

SF Tax Appeal is a premier commercial real estate tax appeal firm specializing in defending San Francisco property owners. We serve as your strong ally, devoted to shielding you from unnecessary over-taxation by county assessors.

Navigating the maze of dealings with assessor's offices can be overwhelming, complex, and time-consuming. Leveraging our robust relationships with these offices, we manage every aspect of the property tax appeal process, from application filing, data exchange, property valuation, to negotiation, case presentation at the Assessment Appeals Board, and refund tracking.

Our mission at SF Tax Appeal is to structure your appeal using persuasive valuation methodologies and robust arguments, advocating for a significant reduction in your property's taxable value. We realize this by consistently putting our clients' best interests at the forefront, offering transparent, and constant communication throughout the tax appeal process.

At SF Tax Appeal, we are committed to ensuring you pay only your equitable share of property taxes. Our expert team of property tax consultants, equipped with proven strategies, has a history of obtaining substantial property tax reductions. We've successfully resolved thousands of appeals with Assessor’s Offices across California, boasting a stellar 95% success rate with an average reduction in taxable value of 25%.

Feel secure knowing your property's value is meticulously reviewed and safeguarded from any unwarranted taxation by our seasoned tax consultants. SF Tax Appeal takes pride in our superior customer service, and we invite any questions or concerns about any step of the appeal process.Vision Statement – We are SF Tax Appeal: relentlessly working to provide peace of mind for our clients by generating results and sustaining transparent communication throughout the tax appeal process.

Jon Morgan, CEO & Property Tax Consultant

Jon Morgan, CEO of SF Tax Appeal, began his real estate career in 2005, guided by his grandfather, Martin.

His work has brought him face-to-face with intricate, challenging properties spanning across the United States. A highlight was his work on a monumental 800,000 square foot office building nestled in the heart of San Francisco. This endeavor, among others, underscored Jon's unique ability to handle complex property tax issues while demonstrating his comprehensive understanding of commercial property valuation.

Jon's extensive knowledge of California real estate tax law and his transition from appraiser to tax appeal consultant have led to a 98% success rate in appeals.

A proud UCSF alumnus, Jon enjoys family time and outdoor activities in San Francisco.

eric lam
eric lam

Eric Lam, Head of Business Strategy

Eric Lam serves as our Head of Business Strategy and brings to the role an extensive background in software development and SEO strategy.

His ability to pinpoint gaps in the market has always been one of his strong suits. Eric, in partnership with Jon, took the initiative to establish SFTaxAppeal. This venture was specifically created to guide and support property owners who may find themselves at a disadvantage due to a lack of understanding of the intricacies involved in commercial property tax appeals.

His dedication to the realm of real estate is not just professional but is rooted deeply in his family's legacy. Eric's grandfather cofounded Lam & Buchsbaum, a reputable real estate firm based in Pennsylvania, and following in the family tradition his father has built a career as one of the states top commercial real estate appraiser's.