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At SF Tax Appeal, we make the commercial property tax appeal process easy, efficient, and cost-effective. In just two business days, our team of experts will review your property taxes, prepare a concise report, and provide a comprehensive consultation - all for free.

Save Time: We streamline the process, providing you with a clear and concise report on the viability of your tax appeal, saving you from the exhaustive process of property evaluation, document compilation, negotiation with the Assessor’s Office, and presenting your case to the Assessment Appeals Board.

Save Money: Our no-cost, no-risk review assesses your current property taxes to identify potential savings. We'll let you know if your property is over-assessed and if appealing could result in tax refunds, saving you unnecessary application fees that range from $30 to $1,000 per parcel.

Expertise: Our professional tax consultants specialize in reviewing commercial real estate taxes, including auto dealerships, offices, and retail properties. We also have extensive experience with hospitality, industrial, apartments, mixed-use and unique properties. We typically handle properties with an assessed value of over $5,000,000.

Privacy: Request a free property review today at or call us at (628) 333-9492. We'll provide a preliminary estimate of your property’s market value and compare it to your assessed value. We’ll then make a recommendation about whether an appeal would be beneficial. Your information will always remain confidential - no marketing materials will be sent to you or your property. Experience the SF Tax Appeal difference today.

Free Tax Review Application

Explore our free tax review application designed to help commercial property owners identify potential tax overpayments. This user-friendly, interactive tool dives deep into your current tax liabilities, evaluates your assessment, and points out areas where you might be eligible for savings. Using advanced algorithms and an in-depth understanding of tax laws, our application provides insights that could lead to significant reductions in your commercial property taxes. Apply now for a comprehensive tax review and embark on a journey towards cost-efficient property ownership.

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Terms and Conditions

At SF Tax Appeal, we offer preliminary evaluations to determine your property's fair market value. Based on this evaluation, we provide a written report advising whether we recommend filing a tax appeal. We rely on the accuracy of information given by the applicant and other data sources, and cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies.

We reserve the right to decline free assessment reviews for applications we deem fraudulent, frivolous, excessive, incomplete, or misleading. SF Tax Appeal provides this service without any warranties. We are not legally obligated to represent the applicant in their property tax appeals unless there is a signed client agreement in place.